About Us

About us.

Navlite was originally a concept of Stewart Harding the CEO of Diplomat Limited in 2004.
He tested the freeware software market by offering a restricted single user version of the then fledgling Diplomat navigator software on a free CD.


This was a major success and Diplomat still have enquiries from people using the original 2004 Navlite package from as far away as Australia and Canada.

  • With the increased pressure on taxi and private hire operators to reduce costs it was clear that a new free to use software concept would again be welcome.

Diplomat was busy launching Version 2 of the software and it was decided that providing it could be funded a special build of the old and trusted version 1 Diplomat Navigator would be branded Navlite and released to be used Free of Charge.

After a thorough analysys of the business plan the idea was launched in the winter of 2012 with the sole purpose of bringing affordable computerisation to every player in the taxi and private hire industry.
The idea was to be sure to have a copy of Navlite in every town and village and city borough in the UK.

So how does this work, just how could it be given away for free?

In the UK most people now have smartphones with access to the internet. Everything from Car insurance to grocery shopping has now been ported to the web so that the end user can compare the market and decide how much to pay.

Navlite enables these internet giants to tap directly into your business and automatically get an instantaneous quote based on your tariff.

This quote is instantly relayed to the shopper and they have an option to then place a booking directly on your system.
The passenger gets the best deal and you the operator get free business without any advertising, Navlite also gets commission for driving traffic to the cost comparison websites.

The more traffic the more quotes are requested, you get more bookings and Navlite get more commissions.

It is a Win, Win Win scenario.

In 2013 we are offering our new low cost vehicle PDA systems starting at less than £2.00 yes 2 pounds a week. These systems include airtime, credit card processing and Navigation integration.

How do we get to supply a mobile phone with airtime for less than £2.00 a week?


More revenue share from the card processing and geodata. Every card transaction earns Navlite a few pennies, every Navlite user can be one of our cabbureau fulfillment operators

For any questions please contact us thru the contact forms on our website.