If you are a large call center operator or have multiple sites or fulfillment operators then the Cabbureau version of the software may be of interest.
This version enables full co-operation with other sites.
It enables you to account for fractional profit shares and have instant 2 way communication through our CGG (Cabbureau global gateway)
Contact us for further information.


Free to use and Diplomat Navigator are widely distributed taxi and private hire applications.
We now offer a Global Gateway to Cabbureau that enable third-party developers to contact all or any of the installed Diplomat Navigator and Navlite systems.
We have an open API to enable third party developers to build their own mobile or web based applications that can integrate with the call centre systems in real-time. The applications will be able to target geolocated systems for instantaneous quotations based on addresses or co-ordinates and to be able to push bookings in real-time to these systems.
Application programmers that are interested in developing an interface to our software may apply using the form below.

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